Agreement for the software

You may download and use the software in this site unly after reading and accepting the following conditions:

  1. The software contained in this site can be freely used personal use or research purpose, so you can freely download the program implementing the pcif algorithm. For any other use, as the inclusion of the program or of the algorithm in another software, or for any commercial use, you should contact the author for permission.
  2. The software is made available on an 'as is' basis. The author will be in no way responsible of any damage or malfunction caused by the software, and no explicit or implicit warranty is offered.
  3. The software can be redistibuted under the same conditions as above; in this case its original source must be clearly mentioned and the software must be correctly attributed to its author.
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The evolution of the PCIF algorithm is now available ! It has a greater compression ratio, it is much faster and the implementation is available in both Java bytecode and native executables. Take a look at the new BCIF algorithm.