PCIF download section

In this section you can download the program implemeting the PCIF algorithm or various documentation regarding the code or the algorithm. The software furnished is free for personal use and open source; before downloading or using any file in this site you must read and accept the agreement about the PCIF software.

The algorithm is actually implemented in Java. This causes a longer execution time but an easier web integration; you can download the class files or the executable jars by clicking here. The source code is also available in this page.

Detailed documentation about the algorithm, including a specification of the PCIF file format, is available in the documentation section. Here there is are the manual for the use of the pcif encoder and the javadocs for the used classes.

Finally, an example of how pcif files can be easily read by any browser supporting Java has been realized through the pcif applet. Through this Java code an image compressed in PCIF can be viewed in a web page as browsers are instructed to automatically download and execute the code for the decompression of the file.

The evolution of the PCIF algorithm is now available ! It has a greater compression ratio, it is much faster and the implementation is available in both Java bytecode and native executables. Take a look at the new BCIF algorithm.