PCIF source code

In this page the source code implementing the pcif algorithm is available. The program is actually realized in Java to allow an easy web integration. The code has been developed and works under JVM 1.4 or following (newer Java compilers may give some compile warnings due to some changes in the language specification: templates). Hopefully, since the code does not use any particular libraries, the program may compile and run also on older versions.

Documentation about the code, including javadocs for the project and instructions for the use of the program, can be found here.

Before downloading any of the files available on this site you must have read and accepted in all its terms the agreement about the PCIF software.

In the source code and the program itself, the pcif algorithm and the files in this format are still named pcf, that is the former name.

PCIF zipped source code

Download: pcfSources.zip

View: bitMatrix.java
View: BmpImage.java
View: byteMatrix.java
View: cPoly.java
View: HTree.java
View: Layer.java
View: numStack.java
View: pcf.java
View: pcfViewer.java
View: Poly.java
View: readingThread.java
View: streamableBitMatrix.java

The above files contain the Java source code that realizes compression and decompression through the pcif algorithm, available in an only compressed file (pcfSources.zip) or separately.

To give an idea of how various classes interact a page has been created describing the pcf class interaction, showing an UML diagram of the classes that realize the project.

The evolution of the PCIF algorithm is now available ! It has a greater compression ratio, it is much faster and the implementation is available in both Java bytecode and native executables. Take a look at the new BCIF algorithm.