What's new

8th of December, 2010

The BCIF algorithm, evolution of PCIF, has been released. This new method has an improved compression ratio and it is much faster, in particular during decompression; the BCIF program also includes a graphical user interface and an implementation in C++. Most probably, the studies on PCIF will be abandoned in favour of the newer BCIF algorithm.

The homepage of the new BCIF algorithm can be found at www.researchandtechnology.net/bcif/.

21th of September, 2009

A paper about the PCIF algorithm, entitled 'PCIF: an Algorithm for Lossless True Color Image Compression', has been accepted at the 13th International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis (IWCIA'09). For anyone who will attend, a presentation will be held there at the end of November; the paper will also be published in the LNCS proceedings of the workshop.

24th of April, 2008

The LOCO algorithm used in the JPEG-LS has been finally included in the benchmarks. To allow the algorithm to have good performances on all of the images, a color transform has been implemented; a more accurate description of how the JPEG-LS files were generated is in the newly created benchmarking-settings section.

In conclusion the JPEG-LS had a very high compression ratio, respecting the expectations. Globally, it is the tested algorithm that is closest to the PCIF format in compression ratio, obtaining only very very slightly worst results. The entire benchmarks can be found in the benchmarks section.

8th of April, 2008

An english version of the PCIF documentation have been released. The algorithm specification has been translated and summarized from the original italian document to allow anyone who wants to completely understand and implement the algorithm. The actually released version is a pre-alpha development version, so you can contact the author for errors or problems in the documentation. The document often refers for clearness to the reference source code available on the site.

You can find the pdf file of the PCIF specification in the documentation section.

12th of February, 2008

New benchmarks added for the image set proposed in www.imagecompression.info. The PCIF algorithm is now tested also on very large images (up to 114MB uncompressed size). Results, in relation with other formats, are very similar to those obtained in the other three image sets.

The new benchmarks can be found at this page.

20th of January, 2008

The site about the Polyomino Compressed Image Format is finally online ! Hosted under www.researchandtechnology.net and actually only project in the site, as other contents will be added in the future. Now the description of the PCIF algorithm is made available for everyone, and the program that implements it can be downloaded and freely used for personal use (after accepting the agreement, though). As the PCIF program is open-source, also all the Java source code is available.

Format name changed from PCF to PCIF, as PCF is already in use by another image format (the Pixel Coordination Format).

Released version 1.1 of the PCIF algorithm. A few minor bugs have been fixed, and all the code received a general cleanup. Created jar executables files for win32 thanks to jsmooth.

28th of April, 2006

The PCIF compression algorithm has been presented in the thesis "Un algoritmo per la compressione di immagini senza perdita" [A lossless image compression algorithm] and discussed in the Department of Systems and Computer Science of the University of Florence. The algorithm has been developed by Stefano Brocchi under the supervision of Prof. Elena Barcucci. The first version of the algorithm has been released and named pcf 1.0. The original thesis is available in the documentation section.

The evolution of the PCIF algorithm is now available ! It has a greater compression ratio, it is much faster and the implementation is available in both Java bytecode and native executables. Take a look at the new BCIF algorithm.